About Abi Ann

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I’m not above saying that I’ve got a little bit of crazy in me.  I’m an Iowa girl with the gift of gab and a minimal filter.  Being transparent is part of my nature, and despite the fact that I’m a fairly average individual, my honesty seems to be both my strength and weakness.  
As a double-Gemini, my habit of over-doing it is evident by my frenetic nature, and continuous intake of coffee.  Life is currently a self-induced whirlwind of people and places and things I bought at TJ Maxx that I don’t really need.  And I don’t suspect that will change much anytime soon. 
Between my hunky husband, a wind-child daughter and cool-as-a-cucumber son, a kickass family and killer friends, I’m not alone in my maniacal madness.  I surround myself with people who are crazy in the most wonderful way.  I suppose sane people are a bit boring for my taste.  And as a CrossFit owner, published writer, corporate and intrinsic health and wellness coach, and doer of things that challenge and excite me, I get the opportunity to continuously meet and collaborate with really rad individuals.    
So, for your reading pleasure and my over-sharing outlet, I will divulge some personal adventures, provide helpful tips, and share my saving graces…love, travel, fitness, hobbies, parenting, sex, food, business, and more.  My goal is simply to entertain and aid others through my own personal experiences.  Stay tuned for my full-disclosure tales of normalcy and tips for survival.  An honest take on life’s pretty, gritty, and everything in-between.