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crossfit menI’ve never been a jersey-chaser, but as a fairly fit female I can appreciate athleticism in a male companion.  Physical abilities have never been a deciding factor for the men in my life, but I have always found myself attracted to the qualities many athletes exhibit…ambition, motivation, hard work, and of course, their typically above-average performances in the bedroom (please note that there are always exceptions).  Athletes are trained to perfect skills with lots of practice, and they’re generally very coachable.  The best athletes aspire to achieve greatness.  Perfection.  And that is why male athletes often make perfect partners.  But which athletes offer the most when you ache for a little action?  Here are my top 3 suggestions.


  • Coming in at third place are the high society athletes of the world.  Some might argue they’re not even real athletes.  They are golfers.  They may not have a perfectly sculpted body, but they always know which hole to aim for.  They know when to drive aggressively, or lightly tap.  Golfers appreciate a very small sweet spot, and although they may not hit it every time they’re willing to put in time at the range to develop consistency.  Neither a grassy rough, nor a smooth green can scare golfers off.  They will forge ahead regardless of terrain.  They work well with a long shaft, and can hit it from any angle.  Patience and focus keep the golfer honed in on the goal, and what it will take to achieve greatness.  Their steady strokes get it in the hole every time.  These athletes offer a breadth of understanding when it comes to persistence, poise, and personal bedroom performance.  And for this, they come in at the number three.


  • There is a reason people become quickly addicted to CrossFit, and it’s not the psychotic workouts.  It’s their CrossFit community.  And by CrossFit community, I mean a pool of people who tout some pretty hot bodies,  intense personalities, and plenty of strength and endurance.  For any CrossFitter, the box is the place to be.  The CrossFit men of the world know what a snatch is in every sense of the word.  They know when to take it slow and focus on technique, and when to go all out for time.  CrossFitters can thrust with the best of em.  They’ve all nailed some dirty girls like Fran, Angie, Erin, and Eva, and the experience has only made them better.  They their WOD time very seriously.  They squat and bend and lift and push and pull, so their skillset is broad to say the least.  3 rounds is cake for a CrossFitter…if you’re going to challenge them, demand at least 5.  They’ll give it everything they’ve got no matter the time or place.  And for that, CrossFitters rank number two.


  • It was a nail-biter, but taking the lead in a battle for do-able dude athletes…the wrestler.  I know, I know.  Some are rolling their eyes or dry heaving at the thought of getting their freak on with a guy in a leotard.  Those people have never enjoyed the personal company of a wrestler.  So I suggest they read on.  Despite the potential for ring worm and dehydration, wrestlers deliver.  Getting you on your back is easy for these guys, and they know exactly where to put their head on a double leg.  Wrestlers are very familiar with a high crotch, and they’ll put their hands and mouths where many others may never venture.  Physical contact is what they crave, so be prepared for plenty of skin-on-skin action with these fellas.  They know how to ride out a round, and the good ones are skilled on both the bottom and the top.  As a female that prefers a little male dominance, I can not say enough about a wrestlers ability to control and manipulate in just the right ways.  Their rigorous practices and low body fat provide an immaculate fleshy form with which to play.  Flexibility and body awareness generate a plethora of potential positions…no round is ever quite the same.  A wrestler knows that when you’re on your hands and knees, they get behind and keep you down.  And if they’re called for stalling, they step up their game.  A wrestler won’t relax until the clock stops or a pin is complete.  And for these reasons, wrestlers win the “Best In Bedroom” award..

Don’t be offended if you’re a basketball player or football player or baseball player.  You all have your own set of skills.  Personally, I just think team sports and balls are a little over-rated.  I was lucky enough to snag a club-swinging, Elite CrossFitting, former wrestling State Champ.  Beat that.


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