Legalize Love week I heard a woman make a snide remark to her husband as a lesbian couple and their daughter passed by.  She noted how inappropriate their handholding was, and said she didn’t appreciate having to explain things like that to her son at his age (he appeared to be about 5 years old).  I turned around to face her, stated that I found HER inappropriate, and questioned when WAS the right time to talk to her son about it.  Neither her, nor her husband said a word.  I hope they were embarrassed.  I’m about to embark on a rant that I believe my readers will find favorable.  I assume that my fans equate to a considerable number of socially liberal individuals (not the same as democratic).  If you do not fit into that category, by all means, read on…but you may not appreciate my perspective.

I’m a lover.  For as brash as I can occasionally come off, I will forever be a romantic.  I believe in stomach residing butterflies, chivalry, and the loves that last forever.  And I also believe that anybody in the world is capable of discovering that kind of love if they’re open to it, and sometimes, it’s found in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people.  It seems to me that two adults engaging in a long-term consensual relationship should be allowed all the opportunities for happiness our society has to offer.  To some people, the pinnacle of happiness involves a romantic wedding proposal, a big celebration, a house with a white picket fence, and babies.  And why would anybody want to deny same-sex couples those milestones?  I say “we” because every member of a community contributes to a problem when they do nothing.  Many of us sit at home, watching the news, shaking our heads at the overly-conservative and religion-based political views that revoke what I believe to be basic civil rights, all because of sexual preference.  (I know a number of heterosexual folks who should most certainly have marital and child-rearing rights revoked.)  And most of us don’t do a damn thing.  We continue with our heterosexual lives, enjoying our big weddings and our baby-making and adoption processes.  We get our tax, consumer, and employment benefits without much regard for those being denied.  Recent changes are shedding a new light on the issue and bringing new rights to all.  But because equality does not yet reign, I must rant.

Here’s the deal.  This is not a politically-fueled post.  It’s a dumbass-fueled post.  For all those ivy-league-educated assholes out there who try to enforce their predominantly religious views through governmental regulation.  For all the closed-minded homophobes that lack common decency or consideration.  Or for the lady in the line at the grocery store who plans to perpetuate her negative attitude through her young son.  F you.  I don’t understand fighting love.  Regardless of who it is (assuming all involved are consenting human adults), it should be encouraged.  When our world has crippling issues like starvation, war, lack of education, and so much more, I have a hard time understanding why some of the most powerful people spend their time fighting what is considered a legal act of love.  There shouldn’t be a single state with any form of a ban still in place.  So often we hear about folks who can’t get their lives on track yet continue to marry into heterosexual relationships, all ending in failure.  Maybe they should give their own gender a shot, or maybe we should just deny their right to marry. 

My personal thoughts; screw discrimination based on gender and preconceived notions of who’s allowed to be with who, and focus on the real issues with regards to marriage…divorce.  Three strikes, you’re out.  Any two adults should be allowed the right to marry.  One divorce; I get it.  Oopsy.  Two; maybe marriage isn’t for you.  And three times failed; you’re done.  No more weddings, no more tax benefits, no more legal mistakes.  Too much paperwork for the courthouses and too many gifts from your relatives who are undoubtedly annoyed.  Feel free to commit yourself to a partner, but engaging the people around you for support and time and legalities is no longer an option.  If somebody is deemed mentally incompetent, we revoke rights.  Seems to me that 3 failed marriages is an easy indicator that you are, in fact, incompetent in love.  Being gay indicates nothing with regards to marriage. 

I know there are fine lines to tread and many variables to take into account.  And I know my ideas may be as offensive to some as the same-sex marriage bans in some states are to the gay population.  But I can’t comprehend dedicating any time to protesting any form of love.  If your church suggests that God will have no mercy for homosexuals, fine…you and God can feel free to judge, but don’t force your bigotry upon everybody else.  And don’t invite me to your church.  I might burst into flames upon entry.  If “Broke Back Mountain” made you uncomfortable, fine…stick to doin the opposite sex, but no need to cause a scene anytime you see two women holding hands and exchanging a peck. 

You don’t have to support it if it’s not your cup of tea, but you also don’t need to hinder our societal development toward equality for all by being a total jerk.  So lets legalize love.  Everywhere.  For everyone.  Muah.

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